Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Advertising Art 1970

Another great cover from Gebrauchsgraphik International Advertising Art! This particular issue from June 1970 featured The Best Swiss Poster Designs of 1969, Industrial Art by Rolf Harder and Ernst Roch via Design Collaborative Montreal LimitedNew Product Make-Ups on the American Market, Genesis and Function of Visual communication and also a report on Industrial Art from Vienna. I've searched every page of the magazine but much to my dismay the cover illustration seems to be uncredited, so the identity of the artist remains a mystery until I do some further sleuthing, which kinda leaves me currently emulating the demeanor of subject matter in question! I'm presuming that this particular illustration perhaps belongs to either the Industrial Art from Vienna or Best Swiss Poster category,  the fact that it made the cover may suggest that it was the winning entry in the latter, although this is not always the case with Gebrauchsgraphik covers of this kindI've also included two more of the Swiss poster designs from this issue which I previously featured on the blog a couple of years ago, they're the best of the 30 finalists in my opinion.  

                                                                     Lee Jeans advert 1969.

                                      Meat Cannery advert, illustrated by Donald Brun, 1969.

                                                                   IMAGE CREDIT
All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Gebrauchsgraphik International Advertising Art, June 6, 1970. Cover Artist uncredited. *If you are planning on purchasing this issue for yourself at some point, it may be worth noting that both the Lee Jeans & Bell Epoque posters are in reality about a quarter of the size shown here, i've enlarged them purely for display purposes.

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