Thursday, 26 June 2014

Dolly Clothes For Dolly Birds┃Rave Magazine (1967)




A dolly twosome. Left: Miss Polly dress in a Victoriana style in pale blue and white Tricel, price £4 17s. 6d. Right: smock-type Dacron dress by Simon Massey, price 89s. 11d. Shoes by Gaby, 79s, 11d.

Right: little girl look with puff sleeves and a high waist in lilac cotton with white spots and stripes, in a style from Polly Peck, price 5 gns.

Left: cute knicker-dress in harlequin print from Simon Ellis, 8½ gns. For shorter than short dresses - knickers are 'in'!  Right: a pastel floral print in a truly baby doll style, by Lee Cecil, 7 gns.

Left: the dolly dress craze that raged through the London discotheques. This hand-made, fully lined crochet dress in white wool has been designed exclusively for RAVE readers at the special price of 12 gns. (20 gns. or over in the shops!) Designed by Audrey, it is available from James Sutherland and Associates, 55 Park Lane, London, W.1. Please state colour―black, white, green, turquoise, yellow or rose, and size - 10, 12, or 14.

Two swinging tent coats by Simon Howard. Right: in a curly dolly fabric, ratinée, in lilac, price 14 gns. Left: in apple green wool with a high yoke and buttoning, price 11½ gns. Dolls from a selection at the Chantelle Gift shop, 33 Brompton Road, London, S.W. 3, All hair pieces with kooky coloured streaks by Tovar.

All images & original text scanned by Sweet Jane from RAVE magazine February 1967. Original editorial by RAVE fashion girl, Lee. All photographs by P.L. James

Friday, 20 June 2014

Illustrations by Graham Rogers | Plexus (1970)

Réflexe Conditionné

Graham Rogers

All images scanned by Sweet Jane from PLEXUS issue No. 34, April 1970. Cover art by Graham Rogers, all additional illustrations also by Graham Rogers for Réflexe Conditionné, Une nouvelle de Paul Dechelles.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Linweave Tarot | The Original Artwork (1967)



I always enjoy reading the comments left on the blog posts here, but every now and then a really interesting one turns up. I was particularly intrigued to hear from Kenneth O'Connell recently, regarding the Linweave Tarot deck issued in 1967, which I had first posted about around two years ago. Kenneth actually has in his possession some of the 'original artwork' used to create the cards, which he salvaged from the aftermath of a fire at the Linweave Paper Mill in Holyoke MA., where they were produced. And he has very kindly given me permission to include them in this post. There are six in total, two by Hy Roth, three by Ron Rae and one by David Mario Palladini, which is the only one that differs slightly from the final printed version. Although they are no longer in the best of shape, I think it's amazing that they survived at all given the circumstances, especially as everything else in the mill was destroyed by fire or water damage! You can view my original posts about the Linweave Tarot deck via the links at the end of the page, thanks again to Ken for giving me the opportunity to share these ones.

  Junon, illustrated by Hy Roth.

  Le Roi d'Épée, illustrated by David Mario Palladini.

       Le Cheval de Denier, illustrated by Ron Rae.

  Le Roi de Denier, illustrated by Ron Rae.

La Reine de Denier, illustrated by Ron Rae.

L'Etoile, illustrated by Hy Roth.
 All images courtesy of Kenneth O'Connell. You can view my original Linweave Tarot post here  and view some more examples from the Linweave deck here.

Friday, 13 June 2014

My Sin, a most provocative perfume, | EYE magazine (1968)


My Sin, a most provocative perfume, originally created by the mysterious Madame Zed for the house of Lanvin in 1924.

Image scanned by Sweet Jane from EYE magazine April 1968. Further information about the history of the perfume can be found on the Lanvin Perfumes blog here.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Paris in the 70s: Spring Collections | Petticoat Magazine (1970)

Paris in the 70s

Spring Collections


This is Paris, Spring '70, though to the uninitiated it might look more like the Wild West than Right Bank. Some designs are familiar, some so beyond the fringe as to pass without comment, and some so beautiful that you'll stop at nothing to get your hands on them. High on the wanted list are suedes with Aztec-Indian embroidery and tiny, chin-knotted scarves and long-line boots. There are extra-bulbous knickerbockers with tunic tops that halt firmly at the buttocks, midi-length satin or silk-jersey, pin-tucked or slit to the waist, spotted suede, squaw fringing, laced-up sleeves - in every length from mini to maxi!

Left to Right: Feraud, again, gone Indian with embroidered silk jersey midi dress, and thong boots; Dior in mauve wool coat with circle print dress, matching scarf, bobble knit cap; Feraud's squaw dress, suede fringed in layers with patch embroidery and tons of lacing! Ultra-lean Dior - maxi culottes, skinny top and fringed shawl with snake boots.

Left to Right: Ungaro's knickerbocker suede suit, with matching boots, stetson and choker scarf; Torrrente's midi dress in lilac voile, with pin-tucking, toning tights, granny shoes; Ungaro's satin midi-coat with massive scarf, and flowery printed pants, all in lilac; Feraud showing a leg in a bezaz of dots, with a hooch of beaded circles.


All images & original text scanned by Sweet Jane from Petticoat magazine April 4th 1970. Original editorial by Sue Hone, Sketches by Leslie Chapman.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Foale & Tuffin | The Observer (1969)


Wrap-around dress, 10gns., trousers, 6gns., by Foale & Tuffin. Jewellery from Ken Lane. Hair by Oliver at Leonard's. Slumberland bed, £68 19s. 6d. Sheepskin "Cuddle Cover' by D. Macpherson & Co. (Elgin) Ltd £59 19s. 6d., Sony TV, £79 17s 9d.

All images scanned by Sweet Jane from (1.) The Observer Magazine 23 February 1969 and (2.) Sixties Sourcebook A Visual Reference to the Style of a Decade by Nigel Cawthorne. Photographs by Helmut Newton.