Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Gamine Look | Seventeen Magazine (1967)

The Gamine Look 

Little French schoolgirls, one by one, dress in enchanting black. Colette, seated, and all of her pals are mad for matching tights. As for her dress, it's box-pleated from a low-lying waist and flies a flag of a tricolor tie: orange, black, violet! With tights, $23. Breton hats for everyone, by Adolfo 11. Zizi, standing in the center, zips herself up with a big ring pull in bright witty white. "Up" is an open-or-shut convertible colar in red. The dress, with black tights, about $23. Claudine is off in the background but easily seen - who could miss that six-foot scarf with signal stripes? White stitching sends a dress a message too. With tights, about $23. All shoes on this outing are by Nina.  Gaby, kneeling, finds flavor in the orange-pop pocket hanky of her white-stitched dress. With skinny tights-but of course! about $23. All dresses are of smooth Heller jersey, wool knit in America. By A 'n' R jr.

Madeline, above, has a starchy white linen collar and mini-cuffs, plus silvery metal reflectors and streaks of red piping. Lebanon wool jersey. Mindy Malone, about $30. Red stockings by Bewitching.

All images & original text scanned by Sweet Jane from SEVENTEEN magazine September 1967. Photographs by Joseph Santoro.


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