Sunday, 30 March 2014

Co-ordinated Quant | Petticoat Magazine (1966)

Co-ordinated Quant


For really co-ordinated chicks here's the topmost in organised planning! For the first time you can get really co-ordinated with dresses, coats, skirts 'n' shirts and handbags that have a make-up designed to match them. And for girls who want their make-up purses to carry through the really cool look there are packages galore that really swing in space-age steel and stark blacks and whites with a delicate daisy motif. So for that all-over look, mind you use MQ-MU.

Mary Quant Make-Up 1966

1960s Mary Quant Make Up

1960s Mary Quant Make-up

1960s Mary Quant



All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Petticoat Magazine, 1966. Photographs by Michael Legge. 

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