Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Win A Buck A Breck┃John Alcorn ┃Seventeen Magazine (1970)

A beautiful double-page illustrated advert measuring 20¹⁄₄" x 13¹⁄₈" originally published by SEVENTEEN magazine in April, 1970. The illustration is signed by the artist, but unfortunately I can't decipher the signature. (See final photograph.) *Update 25/2/2014: The mystery regarding the signature has now been solved, illustration by John Alcorn.


If you can count every Breck on these pages, you can win a dollar a Breck, plus $10,000. We Want you to remember the Breck name. Not just for our shampoo, but for as many other Breck hair-care products as well. So to get you to remember our name, we invite you to play our name-counting game. The more accurately you can count, the more money you can win! First prize...$10,000 plus $1 for every Breck you count correctly, 10 second prizes of $1,000 each, 50 third prizes of $100 each, 500 fourth prizes of a General Electric Hairsetter.

 Artist's Signature.

All images & original text scanned by Sweet Jane from SEVENTEEN magazine, April 1970. 


  1. It's got to be John Alcorn. You've posted a few of his illustrations here already. His Pocohontas book was brilliant.

    1. Good call Caspar! I love John's work, the signature was so faint on the original I could just about make out John but wasn't sure about the rest, I bet you are correct though!! I must take a look to see if I can find his signature on something, most of the work I have by him is just initialed. Thanks!

    2. It's definitely John's work, I found an example of his signature and they match perfectly, mystery solved, thanks again!

    3. You're welcome! There are bits of the aforementioned book of Alcorn's all over the internet. Have a look at http://somuchpileup.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/pocahontas-in-london.html. It should be right up your street.

    4. I've only ever seen the cover of the book previously, have always wanted to see inside...Amazing Work!