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The Five Faces of Twiggy - Queen Magazine (1968)


What is The Face of Sixty-Eight! It's a face from the past, a face from the history-books of movies, a face from Garbo and Harlow - The Face of The Great Days of Hollywood. We let Twiggy loose among a pile of faded film-stills and a collection of cosmetics. We said: 'Give us the once-and-for-all, the ultimate Hollywood Look.' This is Twiggy's reply...she composed her own make-up, and Leonard styled her hair with wigs.

Unfortunately, this post was almost in danger of becoming 'The Three Faces of Twiggy' because the previous owner of the magazine had removed a couple of pages!...the very two which contained the Greta Garbo look and also Twiggy's interpretation of the silent movie star Theda Bara. However, I have managed to salvage the finished Garbo look, as it was also reproduced in Twiggy's autobiography from 1975, which i'm thankful for, as she made a particularly amazing job of it! The original finished 'Theda Bara look' is completely lost though, apart from one tiny postage stamp sized photograph from the introduction to the editorial, which I have enlarged, but even so, it doesn't do her justice (or the backdrop for that matter, designed by Julie Hodgess who also created the wallpaper used to decorate the interiors of Biba in Abingdon Road and Kensington Church Street). UPDATE: As of the 20/2/2014, I'm very pleased to say that the lost 'Theda Bara' look has now been fully retrieved, thanks to a very generous visitor to blog who noticed my dilemma and took the time to scan the image from her personal collection.

One of the five faces of Twiggy..This version is inspired by Ginger Rogers. Twiggy's white tie, tails and top hat are from Bermans, the theatrical costumiers, her shoes are from Charles Jourdan.

Twiggy's Ginger Rogers look...Complexion: Mary Quant's Bare Light Starkers make-up (worn without a powder for the necessary light, pale skin-tone). Eyes: lashes cut from a strip of Loads of Lash (applied in twos and threes); Brown Liquid shadow (in the creases); Transparent Eye Gloss (on the lids); and Black Tearproof Liquid mascara (applied in abundance on the lashes). Lips: Sexpot Red lipstick, with Lip Glosser over it.

Marilyn Monroe is the inspiration for this make-up...Complexion: Elizabeth Arden's Peach Perfect Finish foundation and Transparent powder (for smooth, matt covering to Twiggy's freckles). Eyes: Silver Fox Creamy Eyeshado powder (in the creases); Sun Gold Cake Eyeshado (on the brow bones); Black Cake eye-liner (for a thin line behind the lashes-and the beauty spot); and Extra Thick lashes. Lips: Mexican Fire lipstick (a brilliant crimson) and a little Ardena Highlighter (to emphasise the cupid's bow). Her ear-rings are from Fortnum & Mason.

Twiggy's Greta Garbo look make-up...Complexion: Estee Lauder's Bare Beige pale foundation and Sun Film powder (pressed well into the foundation for a smooth finish). Eyes: Twiggy's own brows (brushed into a very fine line) plus Evening Brown Black Cake liner (to extend the tin arched line, and, in a slightly thicker line in the creases); White frost shadow (on the lids); and lashes (put on in twos and threes between her own). Lips: Evening Black lipstick (mixed with a little eye-liner for a darker upper lip). The hat is by Brian Harris, and the fur is by Maxwell Croft.

Twiggy wears a red Rita Hayworth-style wig for this transformation...Complexion: Lancôme's 03 foundation (a gold tone); Magie Foncée face powder; and Moderato Fard see powder rouge (for colour high on thr cheekbones). Eyes: a blend of Aurore and Vert shadow (on the lids); Brun 73 pencil (to outline the brows); and Twiggy's own lashes mascaraed with a pair of exceptionally long long ones, using Dark Brown Lancomatic. Lips: Incarnardin lipstick. The ear-rings are from Fortnum & Mason, and the leopard skin is by Maxwell Croft.


Twiggy's dramatic Theda Bara look...Complexion: Helena Rubenstein's Opaline Silk foundation; Silk Highlights (on the cheekbones); and Opalescent powder (for an alabaster skin-tone). Eyes: Tender Greige eye-shadow (notice how Twiggy keeps her eyes open while brushing it on, otherwise the shading would be too low to show when the eyes were open); Lumina Blue (on lids); Black eye-liner; and Black Fashion Brow. Back-drop design is by Julie Hodgess.

All images scanned by Sweet Jane from QUEEN magazine 8 May 1968, except for Twiggy's 'Garbo' look which I scanned from TWIGGY BY TWIGGY, an autobiography, published by Mayflower Books Ltd. Original Beauty editorial by Joan Price for QUEEN, all photographs by Justin de Villeneuve. *The finished 'Theda Bara' look (second last photo) scan courtesy of Elizabeth Williams via An Open Look: Twiggy's Guide to Looking and Feeling Great, published by Robson Books Ltd, 1985.


  1. such a shame the original Theda picture is missing. Twiggy looks the most similar to her i think and it would have looked so good!

  2. I have the Theda Bara photo in colour, from Twiggy's 1985 autobiography 'An Open Look'. I can send it to you if you'd like : )

  3. That would be fantastic! I'd love to see it, thanks Elizabeth! Could you message me on the Sweet Jane FB page, there's a link to it on the right ➜


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