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Rave Fashion For Valentine's Day | Clothes He'll Love You In (1968)

Clothes He'll Love You In 


Make the boys love you this Valentine's Day by wearing gear that'll really make them notice you! Plus your RAVE "Love Me!" sticker of course! Here's RAVE fashion girl Lee's own choice of stunning outfits guaranteed to bring you lots of cards and kisses on The Day, and every other day!  They're modelled by our new RAVE Girl Of The Year, Janine Gilbey, and our RAVE Girl '67, Joan Hinton!

Dare him to notice you in this fascinating two-piece in palest silky green, with flowery bridge front, worn here by Joan. FromAngela at London Town, 7 gns. Orange leather shoes with rosette trimming by Elliots, 5 gns. Clumps of orange beads for earrings, by Adrien Mann.

A gay, "boo-boo-be-doo" style straight out of the twenties that'll make any boy smile! The dress is in white with delicate pink and green rosebud print, by Feminella, 8 gns., and the hat, with cheeky wide band, is by Edward Mann, 39s 11d. Flesh tone leather shoes with bow fronts by Manfield, 69s 11d.

He'll love you in soft, clinging jersey, like these pretty twosome. The pink shirt dress with white daisy pattern modelled by Janine is by Rhona Roy, 7 gns., teamed with black patent shoes with satin rosette fronts by Elliots, 6 gns. The cute sunshine yellow with white trimming is also by Rhona Roy, 7 gns., with black patent shoes by Dolcis, 79s. 11d. White stockings by Morley, 10s. 6d.

A sweet, lost look to catch a boy's heart. The dress is made of calico with ornate, liberty printed yoke and cuffs. By John Marks, £5 19s. 6d. Beige, pearlised shoes by Elliots, £6 19s. 6d.

Boys go crazy over checks! Well, they will if you wear this blue and red, criss-cross patterned dress with wide white kipper tie and collar by Radley, 69s. 11d., with a frothy, fun cloche hat by Edward Mann, 39s. 11d. The sling-back shoes are by Manfield, 69s 11d. The culotte dress is in red tablecloth check, by John Marks, 8 gns. Black patent shoes edged in grey by Roland Keith, 99s. 11d. Red and gold watch by Old England Watches, £5 9s. 6d.

Making the man line feminine, a pin-striped linen culotte suit by Lee Cecil, 6½ gns., with added interest from a frilly lace jabot blouse by Feminella, £3 10s. Hat by Edward Mann, 49s. 11d. Black patent bar shoes by Dolcis, 89s. 11d. Large toff ring in gilt with blue stones by Adrien Mann, 10s. 6d.


All images and original text scanned by Sweet Jane from RAVE magazine February 1968. Photographer uncredited.

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