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Twiggy Models a Wardrobe Designed by Seventeen (1967)

The eyes, flick of blond hair, shy smile―It's the splendid splinter, straight from London with the news to Stitch! So what are the news? You-hugging shapes! Skirts of all kinds! Men's stripes! Mad details like pockets, buttons, buckles! All yours, come fall, if you thread your needle now. So peek and pick in July. 

Regimental stripes are the order of the day, above: a Bermuda pantsuit with a newsy long-fly-front jacket over lean shorts. From McCall's pattern 8873, of Valtex cotton, about $2  a yard. Scarf by Glentex. Bonnie Doon white knee socks-your fall signature. All shoes are by Sbicca.

A glittery belt, right, lightly clasps the waist of a sunny hammered satin stunner of Avisco rayon, Estron and nylon. Cohama; about $3 a yard. From McCall's pattern 8860. Lillian Barkow earrings. Snowflake stockings: Beautiful Bryans. These and the other Celini shoes are the latest fall frippery: tarnished silver!

Newest look, newest fabric! The dress: hugged tight to the midriff. The fabric: downy-rabbit hair knit, blended with wool and nylon, then bonded. Heller; about $5 a yard. From McCall's pattern 8887. Laguna earrings, Prestige net stockings, Sbicca shoes. Whats the newest party plan? Dresses like Twiggy's that hug at the waist, a little or a lot. Chevrons print a tent turned close-hugging dress with a tie that wraps, wraps, wraps. Of Orlon challis, about $3 a yard. By Stehli. McCall's pattern 8848. Earrings by Hattie Carnegie, Monet bracelet, stockings by Bonnie Doon, Cellini strap-topped shoes.

The London lass thinks tops are tops, likes skirts that pleat every which way!  All of these are made from a single clever pattern: McCall's 8880. Pimento twill, far left, about $2 a yard, for a flicker of pleats buttoned over matching Danskin tights. The cropped blazer is a diamond print, about $3 a yard. Rosewood fabrics of bonded rayon and Celanese acetate. Betmar hat. Like a man's regimental-striped polo shirt: the T of Celara knit, about $4 a yard. Here it tucks into the buckled-on polo belt (the midriff look of your future) of a kick-pleated skirt of Bemberg rayon blend, about $3 a yard. Fabrics by Crown Fabrics. Richelieu earrings, Adler knee socks.

On loan: the stripes, the sleek-fitting fly front. The look: Twiggy, top to toe. A coat? A dress? It's an either/or in long, lean navy pinstripe wool and acrylic fiber(about $6 a yard) with the shock of blazing wool (about $5 a yard) for facings, the kerchief. Twiggy's hems? The highest. But she's always off-campus. For you? Top of the knee for class, that long-legged look elsewhere. Shift:McCall's pattern 8862. Fabrics by Stevens-Forstmann. Beautiful Bryans Swiss cheese stockings. Berets to knit, these and the following two pages: Coats & Clark.

Plaid pleats of wool loomed in America, about $6 a yard, kilted over gold shorts that match the high-pocketed top of bonded Acrilan jersey, about $3 a yard. Carletex Fabrics. The first three tops: Mc Calls pattern 8849. Tights by Danskin. Gold shirt, belted low down, is cotton and acetate twill, about $2.50 a yard. Boy-shirt of cotton challis, about $1.50 a yard: McCall's pattern 8609. Concord Fabrics. Napier ring, Sorella bag, Berkshire socks. Shoes by Sbicca.

All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Seventeen Magazine July 1967. All photographs  by Carmen Schiavone.

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  1. There's some gorgeous shoes in that spread too. Those little bronze shoes with the lace ties especially.


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