Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Sew Your Own Boot Camp | Seventeen Magazine (1971)

Sew Your Own Boot Camp

Go from goofs to glory in our gaiter put-ons. Duplicate any leg-look here with just one yard of fabric. Add liberal doses of ribbons, appliques and such. Slip 'em on. And your shoes just become 8 kinds of gorgeous! Get a leg up on the leggin' thing now at Singer Sewing Center, with a free How-To folder, fabrics galore, and trims to sew up these looks and inspire your own!

(1.) Be a glitterbug. Sew on rows of buttons over black jersey. (2.) Stitch on butterflies for a felt fantasy. (3.) Glorious gaiters are rickracked and starred. (4.) Red Singer duck is your bright easel, Poster paint it! (5.) Go Grecian in ribbon-laced persimmon suede. (6.) Tapestry velveteen—for Victorian verve. (7.) Satin-stitch the Indian geometrics—it's easy with Singer's zig-zag machine. (8.) Comic strip chic! Simply snips of felt and trim sewed or glued on to the gaiters.

Image scanned by Sweet Jane from Seventeen Magazine January 1971.


  1. wow! i really wanna make these! I saw a sewing pattern for 60s style gaitors on Etsy once - i think it was going for $70!

    1. There's a few of them on Etsy at the moment, much less expensive than that, they range between €8 - €19 (not sure what the conversion rate to Aus Dollars works out at) but look for Simplicity pattern 9553 from 1971.

    2. ok thanks! i hadn't looked in a long time :)