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The Illustrations of Beate Broemse | Gebrauchsgraphik International Advertising Art (1971)

The Illustrations of Beate Broemse


This cover is one of my personal favourites from my collection of Gebrauchsgraphik International Advertising Art magazines. Originally designed by Beate Broemse, an instructor at the Famous Artists School in Munich for a poster design contest organised by the Cinema International Corporation in 1970 to promote the release of the American feature film Medium Cool, in which author and director Haskell Wexler presented his first study of the growing spread of violence in the USA and the responsibility of the individual for the development of society as a whole. However, although it made the cover of this issue of Gebrauchsgraphik, it didn't actually win the competition, but it did take second prize to the overall winning design by Carl Steiner, the director of the FAS school. The school itself originated in the USA in 1948, where a number of well-known and successful graphic designers developed a teaching method permitting them to pass on their artistic experience via a correspondence course. And for that purpose, they founded in an old mill in Westport Connecticut near New York, the Famous Artists School, and eventually went on to open centres worldwide. The teaching program (which still runs today) comprised of subjects such as industrial art, illustration, fashion design, painting, photography and the art of writing. The carefully selected teaching staff consisting of professionals with a talent for teaching rather than merely professional instructors, as the school's criteria expects its staff to be in constant contact with current industry practices.

1970s magazine illustration

Poster design by Beate Broemse. 

 Illustration by Beate Broemse.

Illustration by Beate Broemse. 

Illustration by Beate Broemse. 


All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Gebrauchsgraphik International Advertising Art August 8/71 B3149 E. All illustrations by Beate Broemse. * The scan didn't quite translate the colour of the cover as it is, in reality the pink is actually a brighter shade of neon candy pink and the blue area is about a shade darker. More information about The Famous Artist School can be found here. More information about Medium Cool by Haskell Wexler plus the original film trailer can be found over on the excellent Criterion Collection site here.

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