Saturday, 12 October 2013

Rocking Dollies | Rave Magazine (1968)


Some pretty fashions in raving dolly styles, that will be sure to rock the boat this summer....

Tricel jersey wrapover dress by Simon Jeffrey, £5 9s. 6d. White beads with gilt links (worn around the head) by Corocraft, 7s. 6d. Beige leather shoes by Saxone, 69s. 11d.

Blue dress with white spots and gathered waistline by Robert Krausz, £4 9s. 11d. White leather handbag with chain shoulder-strap by Susan Handbags, £4 19s. 6d. Old England  watch in blue and red, £4 19s. 6d. Sunglasses from Polaroid's "Spaceliner" range £2 10s. Printed cotton dress by Simon Jeffrey, £5 9s 6d. Orange leather bag by Xanthe, £4 15s.

Pure silk printed dress by Dollyrocker, 6½ gns. Shoes in two tone pink by Dolcis, 69s. 11d. Bead bracelet (worn in the hair), 5s. 6d. Navy and orange print dress by Simon Jeffrey, £5 19s. Strappy shoes by Dolcis, 69s. 11d. Orange suede bag by Dolcis, 79s. 11d. Orange suede bag by Saxone, 79s. 11d. Headscarf at Peter Robinson, 6s. 11d. Polaroid glasses, 45s. Rings by Corocraft. Stockings by Sunarama.

White cotton dress with green and blue flowered panels by John Adam, 5gns. Polished gilt band ring by Corocraft, 10s. 6d. Scarf in hair by Peter Robinson, 6s 11d. White crepe wrap-over dress with frilly neckline by John Adams, 5½gns. Brushed gilt band ring by Corocraft, 7s. 6d.

All images and original text scanned by Sweet Jane from RAVE  May 1968. Fashion styling by Lee. Photographs by P.L James.

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  1. So dreamy! It makes me miss summer right when I was starting to get excited about Autumn.