Saturday, 5 October 2013

Frank Usher - Queen Magazine (1966)

White dress in Courtaulds  rayon crepe by Frank Usher, about 14gns at Pronuptia de Paris, 475 Oxford Street W.1; Marie Holiday, Coventry; Livingsone, Leeds; Kenneth Kemsley, Notingham; Round Earrings by Paco Rabanne. Hair by Derek Roe.

                                                            IMAGE CREDITS
Image scanned by Sweet Jane from QUEEN Magazine, 30th March, 1966. Words by Edward Chough, Photograph by Norman Eales.


  1. I love this! an add for the pill disguised as a fashion editorial! they don't advertise the pill now, but if they did i would hope they were a stylish as this

    1. Thanks Catherine, it's a favourite of mine, really unusual editorial!..there's about 6 pages of it, I've only scanned two of them previously but they both have really strong images and text, if you click on Norman Eales/Edward Chough in the links they should show up. I must scan the rest at some stage and maybe post them all as a complete set. ps loved the new 'Biba' inspired dress on your blog!


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