Saturday, 5 October 2013

Frank Usher: Queen Magazine 1966

White dress in Courtaulds  rayon crepe by Frank Usher, about 14gns at Pronuptia de Paris, 475 Oxford Street W.1; Marie Holiday, Coventry; Livingsone, Leeds; Kenneth Kemsley, Notingham; Round Earrings by Paco Rabanne. Hair by Derek Roe.

                                                            IMAGE CREDITS
Image scanned by Sweet Jane from QUEEN 30th March 1966. Words by Edward Chough, photograph by Norman Eales.


  1. I love this! an add for the pill disguised as a fashion editorial! they don't advertise the pill now, but if they did i would hope they were a stylish as this

    1. Thanks Catherine, it's a favourite of mine, really unusual editorial!..there's about 6 pages of it, I've only scanned two of them previously but they both have really strong images and text, if you click on Norman Eales/Edward Chough in the links they should show up. I must scan the rest at some stage and maybe post them all as a complete set. ps loved the new 'Biba' inspired dress on your blog!


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