Monday, 28 October 2013

Dramatic Undercover - Vogue (1965)


     Image scanned by Sweet Jane from Vogue, October 1965.

Friday, 25 October 2013

The Maxi Look | London | Jours de France (1970)



Maxi dresses in printed cotton. Left: from 5th Avenue. Right: from Wallis, King's Road.   

Two romantic style maxi dresses in transparent cotton voile, both from Bus Stop, Kensington Church Street.

All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Jours de France, August 1970. Original fashion editorial by Jean-Francois Bergery. All photographs by Luc Fournol.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Striped For Action | Flair Magazine (1969)



These are the clothes to slip on and roar away in. Fearlessly. Because they're made in this-minute styles by Toplet. In that great give-and-taker knitted Courtelle. Running, jumping, standing still, they look good, feel good. And when the day is over, you just wash them through. Then it's ready, steady, go, all over again.

Left to right :Roll-neck sweater style CT/1432 about £6.2.6; trousers style CT/1433 about £5.15 both knitted by Toplet in Courtelle. Hooded dress knitted by Toplet in Courtelle, Style CT/1430. About £7.12.6. Shirt-neck dress knitted by Toplet in Courtelle, style CT/1431. About £7.12.6. Tunic and scarf style CT/1434 about £6.17; trouser style CT/1433 about £5.15. Both knitted by Toplet in Courtelle. 

1960s fashion illustration advert

 All  images and original text scanned by Sweet Jane from FLAIR with fashion October 1969.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Just Jeans! | Loving Magazine (1972)

★ ★ ★ JUST JEANS! ★ ★ ★


This week, fashion gets a leg-up and shows-off all that's good in jeans. While you're reading about it, there's some pretty snazzy-looking shirts and sweaters well worth wearing too.

1970s fashion
At the top: Pale green cord jeans, £4.50 by Levi. Navy sweater, £4.00 by John Craig. Ladybird print shirt, £5.90 by Jasper. Hat £2.00 by Biba. Left to right: Calico jeans with badges, £5.80 by Pierre Elegante. Yellow, roll-neck sweater, £3.00 and blue vest, £4.00 both by John Craig. Cotton hat, £3.95 from Herbert Johnson. Dark brown cord jeans, £4.49 from Lewis Shops Group. Rust sweater, £3.60 by John Craig. Strawberry print shirt, £3.93 and matching hat, £3.81 both by Dranella. Plum velvet jeans, £6.30 by London Togs. White, roll-neck sweater, £3.00 both by John Craig. Beret, 80p by Kangol.

1970s fashion
Left to right: Denim jeans, £3.99 from the Lewis shops group. Cape sleeve sweater from a selection by Erica Budd. Cherry print shirt, £5.90 by Jasper. Beret, 80p by Kangol. Ravel navy clogs, £3.99.  Brown cord jeans, £5.50 by Medusa. Orange sweater, £4.00 by John Craig. Checked shirt, £5.30 by Richard Green. Beret, 50p by Kangol. Thigh-high socks, £1.20 from Mr.Freedom, Ravel clogs, £6.99. Rust, cord jeans, £4.50 by Levi. Elephant design sweater, £1.85 from the Lewis Shops Group. Pull-on hat from a selection at Bus Stop. Pale blue jeans, £3.99, striped sweater and vest, £3.75 the set, All from the Lewis Shops Group. Denim hat, £2.40 by Edward Mann. Socks £1.20 from Mr. Freedom. Ravel clogs, £5.50.



All images scanned by Sweet Jane from LOVING 12th February 1972. Styling and original fashion report by Ann Carpenter. All Photographs by Roger Charity. Posted with thanks to Kirstin Sibley. View some more of my scans from Loving magazine (1972), this particular one features a very young Lorraine Chase. Further examples of early seventies fashion, via The Picture of Fashion (1972), Mr Freedom, Orphan Annie, and Rags for Riders (1971). And finally, when you wake up, in the morning light..remember to pull your Jeans On.


Saturday, 12 October 2013

Rocking Dollies | Rave Magazine (1968)


Some pretty fashions in raving dolly styles, that will be sure to rock the boat this summer....

Tricel jersey wrapover dress by Simon Jeffrey, £5 9s. 6d. White beads with gilt links (worn around the head) by Corocraft, 7s. 6d. Beige leather shoes by Saxone, 69s. 11d.

Blue dress with white spots and gathered waistline by Robert Krausz, £4 9s. 11d. White leather handbag with chain shoulder-strap by Susan Handbags, £4 19s. 6d. Old England  watch in blue and red, £4 19s. 6d. Sunglasses from Polaroid's "Spaceliner" range £2 10s. Printed cotton dress by Simon Jeffrey, £5 9s 6d. Orange leather bag by Xanthe, £4 15s.

Pure silk printed dress by Dollyrocker, 6½ gns. Shoes in two tone pink by Dolcis, 69s. 11d. Bead bracelet (worn in the hair), 5s. 6d. Navy and orange print dress by Simon Jeffrey, £5 19s. Strappy shoes by Dolcis, 69s. 11d. Orange suede bag by Dolcis, 79s. 11d. Orange suede bag by Saxone, 79s. 11d. Headscarf at Peter Robinson, 6s. 11d. Polaroid glasses, 45s. Rings by Corocraft. Stockings by Sunarama.

White cotton dress with green and blue flowered panels by John Adam, 5gns. Polished gilt band ring by Corocraft, 10s. 6d. Scarf in hair by Peter Robinson, 6s 11d. White crepe wrap-over dress with frilly neckline by John Adams, 5½gns. Brushed gilt band ring by Corocraft, 7s. 6d.

All images and original text scanned by Sweet Jane from RAVE  May 1968. Fashion styling by Lee. Photographs by P.L James.

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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Temporary Tattoo by Societe Domain 1967 (Pt Two)

The Temporary Tattoo 

Some more examples of the 'temporary tattoos' created by Societe Domain in 1967 which I picked up during the summer. It's difficult to tell exactly how they would look when used because the scans are on the reverse but I really like the Military Medal, the classic 'Pointing Hand' and pretty much all of them from the final scan. A brief history about the origins of the temporary tattoo can be found on the excellent Tattoo Archive website here and my previous post featuring another set of the tattoos in this series by Societe Demain can be found here.

   All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Tatu: The Temporary Tattoo by Societe Demain,  Paris, France, 1967.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Frank Usher | Queen Magazine (1966)


White dress in Courtaulds  rayon crepe by Frank Usher, about 14gns at Pronuptia de Paris, 475 Oxford Street W.1; Marie Holiday, Coventry; Livingsone, Leeds; Kenneth Kemsley, Notingham; Round Earrings by Paco Rabanne. Hair by Derek Roe.

Image scanned by Sweet Jane from QUEEN Magazine, 30th March, 1966. Words by Edward Chough, Photograph by Norman Eales.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Antony Little | Beardsley, Biba, and Beyond

Antony Little

Beardsley, Biba, and Beyond

I have been an admirer of the work of artist and interior designer Antony Little for a very long time, from the fin de siècle style backdrop and beautiful window design which he created for Michael Rainey's 'Hung On You' boutique in Cale St, to the iconic black & gold Biba logos and Art Nouveau inspired facade designed for Barbara Hulanicki's Kensington Church Street shop in 1966 and beyond. So you can probably imagine how pleased I was to have recently received an email from the man himself following his discovery of an article which I had posted about him here on the Sweet Jane blog earlier this year! I had always wanted to see more of his work and to my delight, along with the email he also forwarded some scans of his illustrations for Guillaume Apollinaire's 'The Wandering Jew and Other Stories' originally published by Rupert Hart Davis in 1967. They really are quite beautiful and also superb examples of the resurged interest in the Art Nouveau movement which was so prevalent throughout the applied arts in London at that particular point in time―as a result of a major retrospective exhibition featuring the work of Aubrey Beardsley at the Victoria & Albert Museum the previous year. Antony has very kindly given me permission to share the images and you can also view an *updated version of my original post about the work of Antony Little here.












All images illustrated by Antony Little, Originally published in The Wandering Jew and Other Stories by Guillaume Apollinaire, 1967.  All images  courtesy of Antony Little.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

John Laing Woolmark Advert | Queen Magazine (1966)


1960s fashion advert

 Image scanned by Sweet Jane from QUEEN  30 March 1966.