Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Which Vicky Are You? (1970)


                                            VICKY VAUGHN or VICKY PETITE
Red and white join the navy and see the world. Dacron polyester/cotton canvas is smasheroo solo, or comes on strong with skinny-stripe cotton knit. Left, Vicky Vaughan hits the deck with the slinky scarved shirt, the lean little skim, the pleat-skirt undershirt. 5-15. Right, Vicky Petite takes shore leave in the school kid middy, the clashy culotte dress, the scarved a-liner. 3-13. Each about 16.00, slightly higher in the west. At these stores and their branches and other fine stores: Bloomingdale's, New York; Carson Pirie Scott, Chicago; J.L. Hudson, Detroit; Foley's, Houston; L.S. Ayres, Indianapolis; Burdine's, Miami. Or write to R & M Kaufmann, Inc, 1400 Broadway, New York 10018.

                                                                    IMAGE CREDIT
             Image and original text scanned by Sweet Jane from Seventeen magazine April 1970.


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