Saturday, 7 September 2013

Vintage Advert: Wippette Sportswear - Seventeen Magazine (1967)

                                                   EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED

Valrie likes her brim pulled down. Karen flips for the tortoise chains on her jumper. Leslie pats the velvet collar on her mini-chesterfield. Philips can't get over her velvet vest and short-cut pants. Darby feels like a Kennedy in her hacking jacket. They all dig Wippetry - hats, bags and opaque tights. And everyone must have "The Sweater" in soft lambswool. Everything in 100% wool plaid or tortoise velveteen. From $14 for skirts to $40 for the mini-coat - at the important stores. Or write to Dept. T, Wippette Sportswear, 1407 Broadway, New York.

                                                                                  IMAGE CREDIT
Image and original text scanned by Sweet Jane from SEVENTEEN September 1967, Wippette Sportswear designed by Patti Cappalli, illustration by Abbe.


  1. i love that this is sportswear - so stylish and fun. Now everyone calls sweatpants and pullovers sportswear - i prefer the former.

  2. Me too, you could be casual, comfortable and still actually 'dressed' really well,I blame the decline on the late 80s, that was the start of it...


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