Friday, 20 September 2013

Rave Fashion Looks (1968) Biba, Ossie Clark, Ayton and Rhodes, Art Galore, I Was Lord Kitchener's Thing

Rave Fashion Looks

Before the sunshine goes and the annual dragging out of last year's woolies starts, RAVE takes a long lingering look at some of the scene-stealing fashions that the summer of 68 will be remembered for. Basically, there were three distinct styles: Long, cool and very feminine were the crêpes and laces reminiscent of something Auntie used to wear. Tight bodiced, colourful and wild were the gypsy looks that even endeared an off-the-peg outfit to second-hand dressed Julie Driscoll! Fringed and casual, heads banded in scarves and suede bands were the Indian scout looks which also invaded our streets.

Red, yellow and black flamenco dress £3 19s. 6d. by Biba, 19-21 Kensington Church Street, London W.8. Catalogue available. Large hooped dangling earrings by Corocraft, 15s. 6d.

Black crêpe dress with white frilled sleeves, a Young Junior at Blanes, 6 gns. Coin necklace by Paul Stephens, 19s 6d. Ballet shoes by Dolcis, 29s. 11d. Small hooped earrings by Paul Stephens, 7s. 11d.

Dicel lipstick-patterned trousers by Ayton and Rhodes 9gns. at Fulham Road Clothes Shop, 160, Fulham Road, London S.W.10. Tricel crêpe blouse in white by Celia Mortimer, 3 gns. Red, real snakeskin waistcoat by Ossie Clark, 6gns.

White crêpe culotte suit by Art Galore, £6 12s 6d. Soft straw hat at Biba 35s. Long satin scarf tied round hat at Biba, 1 gn. Gilt bangles by Corocraft 25s. each.

White crêpe dress with fringed bodice by Susan Barry, £5 9s. 6d. High boots called 'Lancer' by Norvic, 7 gns. Apache feathered hat by I Was Lord Kitchener's Thing, 59s. 6d. Bead bracelet by Paul Stephens, 14s. 6d.

All images and original text scanned by Sweet Jane from RAVE, August 1968. Photographs by Chris Holland.


  1. Wow, I love them all!! And looking at the listed prices... whew. I can only imagine!! Really love those Zandra Rhodes lipstick trousers, especially.

  2. Love the Zandra Rhodes print trousers too, pity that they didn't print the article in colour, there were loads more outfits featured but some of the photos were too small & dark to scan well...there are some very sweet illustrations included too though, i'll scan those and post them soon.