Monday, 23 September 2013

Knickerbocker Glory - Jackie Magazine (1970)

Knickerbocker Glory


We've had almost every other shape of trouser imaginable - skintight trews, cigarette slacks, wide and narrow bellbottoms etc. etc...and now it's time for the daddy-of-'em-all-KNICKERBOCKERS―to step back into fashion.

1970s fashion illustration

1970s fashion illustration

1970s fashion illustration



Miss Impact suit from all Miss Janet branches. More information from Miss Impact, 50 Mortimer St, London, W.1.;  Erica Budd sweater from Girl, Oxford St, London W.1.;  Chic Boutique, 96 High St, Bromley, Kent and 67 North Street, Guildford, Surrey. Sharcleod knickerbockers from Pacesetters, 25 Rose Street, Edinburgh. Erica Budd suit from Debenham & Freebody, Wigmore St, London, W.1.; Dolcis Boots by mail order from Dolcis, 350 Oxford St, London, W.1. Extra 3s 6d for post and pack. Lilly & Skinner boots from Lilly & Skinner, 360 Oxford St, London, W.1 and branches. Mail order 3s 6d extra; Pull on hats from the Stitch Place Mail Order, 87 Regent St, London, W.1 plus 1s 6d p&p.

All images scanned by Sweet Jane, originally published in JACKIE, 5th September 1970. Artist uncredited.

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