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Should A Proper Young Woman Of Impeccable Upbringing Wear An Ankle Bracelet? - Eye Magazine (1968)

Should A Proper Young Woman Of Impeccable Upbringing Wear An Ankle Bracelet?

Should a proper young woman of impeccable upbringing wear an ankle bracelet....

Shatter the cliche that only ladies of dubious reputation wear ankle bracelets. Erase the image of intertwined hearts worn with bobbysocks and loafers.With mini skirts baring lots of leg, midi skirts taking the Edwardian view of the ankle, anklets couldn't be more timely. Lynn wears six. More timid girls need wear but one at a time. The first five dainty ankle bracelets (left to right) are from Kim Craftsman, the sixth blue enamel one is by Bagatelles. Sold at Henri Bendel, N.Y.C. 10. These were made just for eye.

Image and original text scanned by Sweet Jane from EYE April 1968. Jumpsuit from Charlie's Girls. Photograph by Richard Davis.


  1. I realize that ankle bracelets would have been thought of as bohemian and not quite proper but it's interesting to see this in print. Kim Craftsman made a piece of body jewelry that is in the Hippie Chic show in Boston -- with a round compartment made to hold a package of birth control pills!

  2. I really like their work, would love to see that! Must have another look at the website to see if they've uploaded any photos of it since the exhibition opened.

  3. Sorry, just seeing this comment now. I have a photo of the Kim Craftsman piece in my FB album here:

  4. Thanks a mil for the photo link!


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