Thursday, 8 August 2013

Folk Art Fashion (1970)




Boating Bunting, left, sports a fleet of sailboats and a hood for breeze-breaking, streaks to a zippy close; about $14. Crocheted sash by by Christa. The flag-waving playmates and the boating dress by Pant-her. Mini-folk, far right, meander over a maxidress with miniscule snaps dotting their way down. A penny pocket patches high. Juniorette; $16. Trifari chokers.

Embroidered Flowers liven the landscape with sheer folklore. A sweep of sky-blue crepe voile, left, shoulders wild silk flowers and strews them on the sash. The silvery choker and bracelet, by Capri. Sunny gold, right, is the backdrop for a floating garden; note the random nosegays at billows in the sleeves! Blowing in the wind, chiffon scarf by Ray Strauss. Frierich necklace, Michael Danyon earrings. Artbro dresses; about $20 each.

Country cousins, above, speak a flowery dialect. Foreground: daisied borders make picturesque inroads on an empire dress vested with a hug. Bandbox Jr. Petites; about $28. Peasant partners, in the background, band together. Blouse with voluminous sleeves, about $11. Flip-paneled skirt layered over lacy bloomers, about $14. Bobbie Brooks. Folk ways with beads: Robert Zentall.


All images and original text scanned by Sweet Jane from Seventeen, April 1970. Photographed on location in Mexico by Joseph Santoro.


  1. Great pics...What is the "Seventeen, April 1970" you refer to?

    1. Hi David, Thanks! Seventeen refers to the American teenage magazine which was first published in 1944, it's a monthly magazine which stills runs today. I scan all the images from my personal collection of back issues and these ones are from an editorial originally published in the April 1970 issue.


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