Saturday, 24 August 2013

Days decrease, and Autumn grows, Autumn in everything | Seventeen Magazine (1971)

“Days decrease, and Autumn grows, Autumn in everything."

There's a really lovely Autumnal feel to this Singer print advert, originally published in 1971...definitely one for the ardent sewing enthusiasts! It makes me want to order yards of velvet and set about making capes and baker boy caps immediately!

Say "I love the whole world" by making whatever in the whole world you love! Sew great floppy newsboy pants and a ribbed shrunk sweater that'll just about give you a Cockney accent. Or thigh-high lederhosen, wrapped up in a swirling cape straight off the moors. A fashion zig-zag sewing machine by Singer says "sew-easy" in any language. On any fabric. Like these ribless corduroys and sweater knits by Singer. From our collection of Ethnic Fabrics. The cape is McCall's 2770; Lederhosen are Simplicity 9573; Knickers are McCall's 2502; the shrunk sweater is McCall's 2709.

Image scanned by Sweet Jane from Seventeen Magazine, July 1971. Post title quote by Robert Browning.


  1. gosh i wish i could get away with wearing that outfit on the left nowadays. I think maybe the velvet shorts/ overalls could be wearable... but that cape! love it!

  2. The outfit on the left is my favourite too, love the cape.