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Apple Clothing - Apple Boutique 1968

Apple Boutique at 94 Baker Street, London, W.1 is a wonderland of the way-out both inside and out! The appearance of the boutique stops passers-by in their tracks, and inside you can rummage through piles of exotic, ornate gear,designed and made mostly by Simon and Marijke, Beatle friends and part owners of the boutique. Here RAVE fashion girl Lee shows you some Apple clothes, photographed in Apple!

  The Beatles'  Apple Boutique in London's  Baker Street.


Deep green velvet waistcoat called "Flipster" that fits tightly under the bust, and has the added flippancy of a tassel at the back! Price 4gns. Matching velvet skirt, circle shaped, short and full, Price 5gns. Brilliant yellow satin blouse called "Daisy", £4 10s. Ornate jewelled bangle, £1 7s. 6d. and headscarf, 15s. 6d.

Design in shades of pink for a wool dress in a beautiful soft fabric. The puffy sleeves add a medieval touch. It's called "Fatima" and costs 9gns. Rope necklace, £1 17s. 6d. Bell belt wound in hair, 4gns. Narrow bangle, 1s 6d.

Dress in tiered crêpe called "Sunflower" (there's a huge purple crêpe sun on the bodice). Price £8 18s. 6d. It's worn eastern style over a long skirt, £4 14s. 6d. Headscarves, 15s. 6d. and £1 19s. 6d.

                                                                  IMAGE CREDITS
All images and original text scanned by Sweet Jane from RAVE magazine February 1968. From an original article by Jeremy Pascall, Photographs by P.L. James.

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