Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Temporary Tattoo (1967) Pt.One


Societe Demain


A recent acquisition, some 'temporary tattoos' created by Societe Demain, Paris in 1967. A pure 60s pop gimmick, emulating the trend for decorative body art which had become popular throughout the Summer of Love as clothing became shorter and more revealing. I haven't got around to using them yet, i've just scanned them as they are on the card,  i'm sure the detail would show up much better on the reverse. A brief history about the origins of the temporary tattoo can be found on the excellent Tattoo Archive website here.


All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Tatu: The Temporary Tattoo by Societe Demain,  Paris, France, 1967.

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  1. Oh! This is fun, I guess the tatoos where new at the time. My little kid loves those, it's funny to see how they put on that dress, so you can see trough! Thanks for the blog, always enjoy it!