Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Maxi Look from Biba, London (1970)

                        THE MAXI LOOK FROM BIBA

Biba London 1970s fashion Maxi Dress

                   Deux maxi-robes en satin crème et saumon from Biba, 124 Kensington High Street.         

A la porte de L'Amirauté, un maxi-manteau en crepe de chine saumon, avec un pantalon assorti from Biba, 124 Kensington High Street.

                                                               IMAGE CREDITS & LINKS
All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Jours De France, 18 Aout 1970. Original Article by Jean-Francois Bergery. All photographs by Luc Fournol. View some of my other posts about Maxi-fashion trend from the same period: The Maxi Cover-Up (1969); Paris In The 70s (1970); The Maxi Look - London (1970); and also more from Biba, The Boutiques Business (1970); Biba Girl Ingrid Boulting (1971); and finally, Biba's American Debut (1971).


  1. Ohhhh... This is amazing! Sweet Jane, you never fail to impress me with your editorial finds! xx


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