Thursday, 27 June 2013

London Boutique Fashion | Carnaby Girl, Biba, Bus Stop & Universal Witness | Jours de France (1970)



✭✭✭ 1970 ✭✭✭

Mini dress in yellow satin from Carnaby Girl.


Biba 1970s
Romantic satin blouse (5th Avenue) purple hat from Biba.


Sweet Jane blog, Lee Bender, Bus Stop boutique, London 1970s, mini dress
Printed cotton voile mini dress from Bus Stop.

Sweet Jane blog:  Universal Witness Boutique Fulham Road 1970
Multicoloured cotton patchwork maxi-dresses from The Universal Witness, 167 Fulham Road.

All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Jours de France, August, 1970. Original article by Jean-Francois Bergery. Photographer Luc Fournol.


  1. that yellow dress is so lovely. It gives me an idea for some teal silk I have been wondering what to make with.
    Great selection of images!

    1. Thanks Catherine, love the sewing tutorials on your blog, they're really well done!

  2. Oh Wow!! I love that album, Sunday Morning... I have such great memories listening to it, it was like 4 in the morning driving trough an island in the Caribean sea, no kidding!!
    Oh, I posted a little article about your blog on Madame Germany this month. I'm so glad I have you on my blogroll, you're great giving us all this material every day. Thank you so much.
    I would love to follow on twitter, but something is not working. You're invited to visit my blog whenever you like, of course.

    Jana H.

  3. Hi Jana, just wanted to say thanks so much for the post and the kind words. It was really nice to be included in the Madame Germany blog guide article, they sent me a pdf file of the issue recently but a friend of mine is going to Dusseldorf on holiday soon so she is going to get me a print copy while she's there. Your own blog is fantastic! idea why the twitter page isn't working at the moment but i've added you to my follow list here. Thanks again.