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Beauty Goes Out On A Decorative Limb (1966)

Beauty Goes Out On A Decorative Limb

The beauty business is going out on a limb these days. Cosmetic firms, rushing to fill the empty spaces caused by the hike in skirt lengths, are providing products that dramatize and prettify legs. More challenging is the painting process, here a girl not only has to be handy with a brush but also limber enough to pull the leg up into working position-or run the risk of painting everything upside down. For sometime now, adventurous girls have been decorating their legs all on their own, with rouge and eyebrow pencils. Such rudimentary approaches are replaced now by more sophisticated procedures. Basic to the new beauty in leg make-up, a base similar to that used on the face, which not only covers blemishes but can be shaded to create shapelier contours. From here on, things get giddier. Revlon sells a kit selling colours and brushes and also distributes sketches made by Joe Eula who designed the butterflies below. Max Factor suggests painting on an eye to match your own: Faberge promotes Western brand marks; Viviane Woodard proposes drawing a favourite hobby; and Estée Lauder likes to blaze a comet trail with iridescent beauty marks.

  Butterflies (above) are painted over make-up base . Base $5 and kit $6.50 are from Revlon.  

 Paste on decals (above) suggest a Betty Boop face. Decals cost $3 and $5 at Michel Kazan.

Well turned leg is entwined by Joe Eula's snake, a colourful companion to the silver dress by Betsey Johnson $35. The make-up base and paints don't rub off, are soap and water soluble, so it will all come out in the wash.
All images and original text scanned by Sweet Jane from LIFE magazine May 1966. Photographs by Milton H. Greene.

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  1. A fantastic post. I really enjoyed this one. I love learning about all those fancy little trends that occurred within the teen fashion world of the 60's.