Saturday, 13 April 2013

Fine Feathers For Night Birds: Pattie Boyd - Rave Magazine (1964)



August. Warm evenings. Outdoor parties. Barbecues. And the time when nightbirds come into their own! It doesn't really matter what you wear. Anything goes. But Beatle girl Pattie Boyd shows you how you can be comfortably stunning. So come on...IT'S PARTY TIME!

RIGHT: The hipster pants are by Pentasport with fly front fastening and cost about £1 15s. The Prison bar shirt has contrasting pastel and white stripes and there's also a knockout black and white combination. By Feminella it costs £2 2s.

LEFT: Sugar pink and white Dollyrocker from Sambo, the pink on the stripes which also frills the neckline, matches up to the yoke. £3 3s.

LEFT: Pale pink blouse in a washable crepe spun fabric. It has a puritan collar and raised squares on the bodice of contrast stitching. By Majestic of New York. It sells at £4 9s. 6d.  The skirt is a deep plum colour, with an unpressed front pleat and angle pockets, is in a washable cotton corduroy and also sells at £4 9s. 6d. by Majestic again.  RIGHT: Dress with a matching headscarf by Marlborough in navy and blue cotton with a small motif and a double frill at the hem. Price is around £5 5s. The dress is also available in a full-length version on a slightly paler background.It has an even more delicate design.

LEFT: Finely quilted skirt with matching headscarf. By Estrava, it is available in three different colour combinations and costs £8 8s. The pale blue yoked blouse is by Feminella and costs £2 2s. RIGHT: Light wool tartan skirt with a matching  sleeveless bolero. Underneath, is a long sleeved shirt with deep cuffs and a rounded peter pan collar. The three piece costs  about  £8 8s.. By Slimma.


 All images and original text scanned by Sweet Jane from RAVE Magazine Issue No. 7 August 1964


  1. Having nothing to do with the present post, I thought you might want to have a look at this piece about Frida Kahlo's wardrobe, which is now unlocked and displayed after 60 years:

  2. Hadn't seen it yet, great link! Thanks


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