Saturday, 30 March 2013

Vanity Fair (1965)

Head over heels in love with prints: paisley in pink is a clinging dress in Tricel jersey with headband and stockings to match; paisley in blue is a loose sweater topping a slim skirt, headscarf and stockings to match. All by Martha Hill. Photograph by Roy Round.

                                                                  IMAGE CREDITS
                                Image scanned by Sweet Jane from Vanity Fair February 1965 Vol.18  No.8



  1. oh i love socks to match. how extravagant!

  2. NOw it'S print time again in high fashion, I don't like it that much because it's to much some times. The colours are wonderful though.
    I posted photos of prints few days ago, and found that they look so much better if you don't see the whole clothes!!


  3. These are superb...thanks for the link x


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