Sunday, 24 March 2013

How We Made Princess Anne a Mod… | Rave Magazine (1966)


The whole world is raving about swinging England. So, what about our own swinging princess to represent us? Princess Anne is, after all, our most looked-at teenager, so RAVE decided to suggest some rave type clothes for her to wear. We designed three outfits specially. They're not too way-out, are flattering and, we think, suitable for even a Royal occasion! Princess Anne can look smart and attractive, even when, as at the moment, her clothes are traditional and conventional. How much better, and smarter and more attractive she would look in outfits inspired by today's mod world. Here then, for you is our version of the Mod Princess…our swinging Princess Anne of  swinging England.

As important as the right clothes is the right make-up. A make-up designed to make the most of pretty English skin and fair good looks. Princess Anne has both these and can make them look really lovely with soft and subtle make-up. A pale, peachy liquid foundation cream is all that she needs with a light dusting of pink rouge on the cheek bones. Eye make-up doesn't have to make eyes look made-up. It can be used carefully simply to make them look bigger and brighter. A fine grey line above the lashes will flatter blue eyes and a blonde complexion. A dark grey mascara applied in two thin coats to top and bottom lashes will also add prettiness. To complete her make-up and tone down the ''pinkiness'' of English skin Princess Anne might well choose a pale brownish lipstick. Her hair, also, adds as much to the finished effect as clothes. Springy, tending-to-natural-curl hair needs skilful trimming for a contoured style which sits perfectly above today's mod clothes.

 All images scanned by Sweet Jane from RAVE Magazine, August 1966.

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