Saturday, 23 March 2013

Caroline Smith Illustration: Queen Magazine (1965) - James Wedge, Deliss, Moya,Top Gear, King's Road

Caroline Smith Illustration

Wool Crépe suit with bead-bound neck from Deliss. James Wedge crochet cloche and enamel brooch from Top Gear.

Knitted dress with cutaway armholes, checkerboard beret by James Wedge. Kid lace-up shoes with see-through toes by Moya. All from Top Gear.

Images scanned by Sweet Jane from Swinging Sixties - Fashion in London and Beyond 1955-1970 published by the V&A. Original article published in Queen Magazine, June 1965 - All illustrations by Caroline Smith.

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  1. i love those drawings . you find the greatest things. jane. sweet eye candy. xxlucy


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