Monday, 25 February 2013

Today's Raves: Kleptomania 22 Carnaby Street - Rave Magazine (1968)



Some charming illustrations from a regular RAVE Magazine feature which was called 'Today's Raves' - this is where you read first about new ideas and gimmicks on the rave scene!  There's always lots of snippets of information about the latest trends, new boutiques etc plus some pop and movie gossip. In this particular issue they discuss the fact that Carol White star of the film 'Poor Cow' and the television production 'Cathy Come Home' headed straight to Biba in Kensington Church Street when she was choosing the outfits for her latest film role in "I'll Never Forget what's is'name" so instead of  the bill running into thousands of pounds, her entire wardrobe for the film cost a mere £80!  I actually own a copy of it on dvd, and she does look fantastic,  I'll take some screen shots and post them here at some point in the future. In the meantime I'm quite taken with these illustrations, unfortunately they're uncredited, but it's always good to find something from Tommy Roberts' Kleptomania boutique. You can read more about Kleptomania in one of my previous posts here.


All images scanned by Sweet Jane from RAVE Magazine February 1968.

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  1. Love Young Mr Carnaby! I used to be taken to a shop called Colts in Hampstead which had groovy kids clothes. There weren't many in those days and I remember the humiliation of trying to buy things in Carnaby Street, aged 12, and being told to come back in a few years time.


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