Sunday, 4 November 2012

Emmanuelle Khanh of Paris for Paraphernalia (1966)

The dress that disappears strip by strip...
An easy do-it-yourself design is the dress that is literally a snap to do. It is made of strips of pliable leather held together with metal grip fasteners. Beginning at the hemline, a girl can remove a layer to get a mini-skirt length (Top), take off a circle at the waistline to expose her midriff (Middle) and end up with a bare-minimal two part outfit (Bottom). The dress is designed by Emmanuelle Khanh of Paris for Paraphernalia. It costs $90.

All images scanned by Sweet Jane from an original fashion feature in LIFE Magazine, September 1966. All photographs by Howell Conant.

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  1. Wow, brilliant! I hope no one ever got tangled or trapped in one of these due to getting the wrong studs stuck into the wrong snaps on the wrong pieces! lol