Thursday, 1 November 2012

Dresses by Twiggy of London | Seventeen Magazine (1967)

Twiggy of London

Pampered to pieces: isn't that the life you dream of ? Now you can pick up these pieces and settle for the look (while the dream, like Twiggy's, stays intact).

The Twig feels pampered to pieces in cuddlesome, easy-living wools - all her own selections. Powdery pales, above, melt into a crusader coat-dress of tiny herringbone (with rabbit's hair added). When more coverage is called for, the cowled pink yoke becomes a full-fledged hood ($35).

Runaway ribbon, with embroidery for company - finds it's way up and down a zip-it coatdress with raglan sleeves and welted pockets, in gaberdine ($40).

 British 'ardware, above, studs coaty chinchilla in a queen's-greenery shade, ($25).

Images scanned by Sweet Jane from Seventeen Magazine - September. 1967. All three dresses by Twiggy of London. Photographer: Joseph Santoro.

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