Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Lee Jeans - Lee Can Change Your Image!

Lee Can Change Your Image!

You're bound to feel like a young lion in Lee Scoop-Pocket Fastback* Flares. Check out these hip-hugging, trim-cut contour lines. In subtle colors, brought to life with exciting designs of herringbones and diamonds. Part of the Lee Line of image-changers at better stores everywhere. $12.

 Image & original text scanned by Sweet Jane from The Male Mystique, Men's magazine Ads of the 60s & 70s by Jacques Boyreau.


  1. Did the jeans come with a free lion mask? ;)

  2. Nope.. but on second thoughts.. yeah, they certainly should have, it's a great look! ; )

  3. So great this advert!! Im glad to be back in the world of the virtual... mainly to be checking in on all the fab 60s posts you made while I was away ;) x


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