Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sisters share everything..almost! | Nova Magazine 1966


I buy my Acrilan dress designed by Marlborough. She buys her Acrilan dress designed by Marlborough. We both look great. Because the Marlborough cut is always great. If we want to swap, the answer is 'no.' We're not mean about most things, but Acrilan brings out primitive possessive feelings. It's so soft. So yours. You want to keep Acrilan all to yourself alone.

HORROCKSES  Style 901. Pink dress and Green dress. Other colours Dresden Blue, Maize. Sizes 12-18. About 6½ gns. Horrockses Fashions Ltd, 110 Aldersgate St, EC1.

 Image and original text scanned by Sweet Jane from Nova Magazine September 1966.

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