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A Day in the Life of A Rave Girl - Rave Magazine (1968)

A day in the Life of a Rave girl
Once upon a time there was a RAVE girl who, sick of her nine to five existence would go off into the wildest dreams about clothes....Every morning she would wake up and struggle to get into a working frame of mind, BUT just a sip of coffee would send her off into a haze of magical mysteries...LIKE spending the day idling in Carnaby Street with oodles of money to spend..AND having a bubbly personality with lots of boys just talking to little her...AND being outrageous in a wild dress..BUT once in the office piles of paper work would bring her back to earth.

Striped undies by Dorothy Perkins-the bra 12s. 11d. and the half slip, also 12s. 11d. Cotton nightie by Lux Lux, 45s. 6d. Carmen heated rollers from 7½ gns. (Bed chosen by Cathy McGowan for Silent Night £17 14s. 6d. Florentine bedspread by Vantona, 11gns.)

Military style maxi mac by Downtown Boutique, 1a Chapel Market, London, N.1.  Price £5 19s. 6d. Also available by post. Beret in Pale Mink by Kangol, 10s. 6d. Ribbed stockings in cream by Morley 10s. 6d. 'Thirties' style lace-ups by Lennards, 69s. Orange-faced watch with green suede strap by Trendsetter, 77s. 6d. Green suede bag by Salisbury, 84s. Cream leather gloves with slit back by Milore, 72s. 6d.

Authentic airman's jacket £7 17s. 6d. from Kleptomania, 22 Carnaby Street, London, W.1. By post 3s. extra. Sleeveless shetland wool sweater with studded epaulets by John Craig, £3 10s. Yellow cord jeans by Alan Rodin, 65s. Scarf in yellow georgette by Aldbrook, 6s. Curly wig by Wig Wham, 25 South Molton Street, London, W.1. 

Soft angora dress in beige, with bands of white and brown at the hem and on a cute top pocket. By Mary Farrin, 12gns. Bright red baby bead rope in knotted 'thirties' style, by Corocraft 7s 6d.

Paper lurex dress with a jester look, 14gns. from a selection at Kleptomania. Turquoise velvet cape lined in pink satin, £6 15s., also from Kleptomania. Pearlised shoes by Lennards, 79s. 11d. Blonde ringlets by Wig Wham, 8gns. Knuckleduster ring in gilt or silver by Corocraft, 10s. 6d. each. 

Bonnie-style jumper suit with tie belt and beret to match for you to knit in Hayfield Croft four-ply wool. (For knitting instructions send a s.a.e to Jumper Suit, RAVE, Tower House, London, W.C.2.).

 All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Rave Magazine, April 1968.

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  1. such great stuff! especially love the image with the lurex dress and the cloud of fog!!! :D :D :D Thank you for giving us the chance to see this.


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