Thursday, 14 June 2012

Vintage Cosmetic Advert: Yardley of London 1969

The Look to change your life..liquidy CELLOPHANES lipcolors, so water-clear...glissy... you can Shine Thru, See-Thru, Kiss Thru without the lipstick barrier. The's great- to- be- alive- time BEAUTYBREAK that makes everything else look flat. That's that. The first clear colors. Sheerer than sheer - you shine right thru. Thinnier than thin - color youself new. So incredibly liquidy - you never felt anything like this before. New Yardley Cellophanes: closer to your lips than anything but his kisses. New Yardley Cellophanes nailcolors: closer to your nails than anything but his touch(?). By Yardley, of course.

                                                                 PHOTO CREDITS

     (Image & original text scanned by Sweet Jane from 60s All American Ads, published by Taschen)               


  1. Oh, just love that illustrated/photo combination!!

  2. Wow! great ad, great concept (lip gloss called Callophanes)!