Thursday, 21 June 2012

$$$$$ Billion Dollar Look | Seventeen Magazine (1967)

$$$$$ Billion Dollar Look!
Billion dollar look is the latest bit of moonshine-gleaming, glittering, slithery, star-studded stunners planned to add the glow of neon-bright fantasy to your fall night life.

Up, up and away in an aviator jacket! The zip, pockets, quilting are regulation. Strictly fantasy: the platnium sheen of DuPont nylon with Dacron fiberfill (Travis Mills). Naman; about $40. The pared―away skimmer beneath is rayon panne velvet (Chardon Marche). Judy Gibbs; about $35. Bandolinos shoes, Adolfo II helmet. Tights: Bewitching.

Image & original text scanned by Sweet Jane from Seventeen Magazine, September 1967. Photographer Carmen Schiavone.


  1. Wow! That second outfit is amazing--love the "helmet"!

  2. Great outfits, but don't the models look terrified by the encounter with, eewww - bikes?


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