Friday, 10 February 2012

Vintage Ad: Counselor's Turned-On Bath Scales (1970)

Counselor's Turned-On Bath Scales
Back in the day, when even watching your weight could be a 'Groovy' experience! These scales were advertised as being 'perfect for gifts'...although something tells me that there may be one in this particular collection that nobody could truly appreciate receiving as a gift! There are still some of these vintage Counselor bathroom scales around, I've even found a few of the ones in this advert currently available for sale online, see for yourself via the links at the end of the post.

Counselor's turned-on bath scales

The Way-Out  Weigh-ins
Twelve Op Art designs in bold, vibrant, NOW colors. Low-profile scales hug floor. Large, easy read dials. Perfect for gifts! At better department stores. By Counselor, The Brearley Company. Rockford. Illinois 61105.

Image and original text  scanned by Sweet Jane from Seventeen Magazine April 1970.

 Currently available for sale on Ebay

Currently available for sale here

   Currently available for sale on Etsy

   Currently available for sale on Etsy



  1. I never knew bathroom scales could be so desirably beautiful *-*

  2. Ahh... amazing. Arggh, if I wasn't in the process of an international move from Brazil to the US I would totally bid on the zodiac one!! Thanks for sharing your ebay finds!

  3. Ahhhhh I have the butterfly one she's holding!!! I never knew there was a whole selection of them. I picked up mine in the USA.

  4. Yeah, I love them too..I actually found the Ladybird one for sale on Etsy last year but someone beat me to it.

  5. we had the "Hey Fatso" scale in my house growing up! what a trip!


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