Saturday, 4 February 2012

Rainshine - Queen Magazine (1969)



All in the mood for showers and sun, the newest rainwear look comes all sleek and shiny; feather-weight ciré nylon, gleaming PVC. Fun, new, and the most basic common sense, trousers are coming in to go out in the rain.

Reversible cotton gaberdine and daffodil yellow PVC raincoat, 17gns, over PVC trousers, £4.
The raincoat, hooks and eyes on the gaberdine side, has fly-front on the PVC side; designed by Daniel Hechter for Weathergay; at Harrods, Knightsbridge, SW1. Yellow ciré rain hat, wide stitched brim, by Bermona, 2 gns; at Miss Selfridge, W1. Silver snakeskin brooch pinned to hat, £6; heavy silver link bracelet, £5 10s; a selection of rings; all at The Purple Shop, Chelsea Antique Market. Gold little finger ring, £35; at Kutchinsky, 69 Brompton Road, SW3.

Shiny yellow PVC short jacket, hooded, fastening with silvery studs, £4 5s, by Weathergay; at John Lewis, Oxford Street, W1. PVC trousers. £4, by Weathergay; at Harrods, Squiggle pattern cotton shirt £4 15s; at Emmerton Lambert, Chelsea Antique Market. Black and white crêpe scarf around waist, 12s 6d to £2 5s; from a selection at Emmerton Lambert. Silver tassel necklace with a turquoise centre, £4 10s; big coin ring set in silver, £10; both at The purple shop. Wellington boots, £3 9s 11d; at Russell & Bromley.

Wetly gleaming mulberry ciré nylon, feather-light; a rain suit with silvery studs, turn- ups on trousers, £6 19s 6d, by Weathergay; at Harrods. White crêpe blouse, with a double collar, elastic at waist, 5gns, by Alice Pollock; at Quorum, 52 Radnor Walk, SW3. Burgundy, yellow and white silk crêpe scarf, 12s 6d to £2 5s; from a selection at Emmerton Lambert, Chelsea Antique Market. Large victorian ring with silver mount £8 10s; small matching ring £5; both at The Purple shop at the Chelsea Antique Market.

All images scanned by Sweet Jane  from Queen Magazine 19th March 1969.

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