Friday, 2 December 2011

In the Sixties

These are just a few of my favourite photographs by Frank Habicht, who began his career after he graduated from the Hamburg School of Photography in 1962, working as a freelance photographer for publications such as Twen, Esquire, The Sunday Times and The Guardian. In his varied career he has also worked as a stills photographer for the film directors Roman Polanski, Bryan Forbes and Jules Dassin, as a freelance photographer for Top of the Pops (1969) and as the in-house photographer for the Playboy Club in London (1970). Although Frank photographed some of the most iconic faces of the 1960s such as Jane Birkin, Serge Gainsbourg and The Rolling Stones, he also had the ability to capture the essence of the decade through his images of lesser known individuals. Much of this work can be found in his book Young London's Permissive Paradise published in 1969, however it is difficult to find an in-expensive copy these days as it has become a highly sought after collectable. As an alternative, you could try looking for a copy of In the Sixties published in 1998, from which the following scans were taken, as it features a selection of the same work from this period.  

                                            Live it to the hilt, René, Westminster Bridge 1968.

                                                       My heart leaps up when I behold

                                                Part of the scene, Rolling Stones concert 1969

                                  Leaving tomorrow behind, Mata Hari Boutique, Earls Court 1967.

                                                  Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves

                                                            PHOTO CREDITS
All Images scanned by Sweet Jane from the book "In the Sixties", all photographs & photographic titles by Frank Habicht.


  1. Lovely stuff. Wish we had Mata Hari in Earl's Court today!

  2. LOVE. Those top two photos are just so fierce. I didn't know about this photographer, thanks!

  3. I have that album, i love how some of the photos capture the contrast between 'swinging' Chelsea and un-swinging East End.


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