Sunday, 6 November 2011

Revlon Natural Wonder Un-Lipstick Advert (1968)

'Natural Wonder' 'Un-Lipstick'

 by Revlon'


Revlon unvents lipstick! 17 of the newest, palest, sheerest, mind-bending-est lipsticks in the world. Bare. Shiny. As close to nothing as a lipstick is ever going to get! 'Un-Lipstick'! The new fashion that makes everything else too much. These new 'Natural Wonders' are the very first blushes of colour that really keep their shine. And the colours―even the palest―really keep their pale. Never go blah. In brilliant little cases banded with ribbons of flowers. 17 colors! All clear as tinted glass, soft as girls.

vintage 1960s make-up  advert

Top Row (L to R) Yellowflower Cases: Nothing, Nothing Frosted, Skinnydip Pink, Grapevine, Orange Peel, Great Granny Red.

Center (L to R) Greenflower Cases: Polar Bare Pink, Come Heather, Lickety Pink, Sweet Potato, Gingerale, and Georgy Peach.

Bottom (L to R) Blueflower Cases: E.S Pink, Pithy Peach, Apricola, Enough Buff, In the Flesh, 


 Image scanned by Sweet Jane from Eye Magazine, August, 1968.

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