Friday, 4 November 2011

Chip-an-Outfit Kits | The Paco Rabanne influence (1968)

The Paco Rabanne Influence 

It would seem that the launch of Paco Rabanne's 1966 collection of 'Twelve Unwearable Dresses in Contemporary Materials' proved to be so popular (regardless of the title), that within a couple of years a girl could buy her own do-it-yourself  'unwearable' space age dress making kit for a mere $15!

  Chip-an-Outfit Kits

All it takes to be in the chips these days is perseverance and strong fingernails. The modernistic mini-dresses shown here are do-it-yourself designs made by linking together by hand hundreds of  perforated plastic discs with small metal rings. Instructions, plus rings and chips, enough for one design, come in a kit (by Mass Originals $15).

The tool-less no-sew technique results in see-through spaces in a chain-mail look pioneered by Paris' Paco Rabanne. The finished products, worn with white wigs (Reid and Meredith) and white tights, make a striking if somewhat strident entrance at summer parties.

Image & original text scanned by Sweet Jane  from Life Magazine, June 1968


  1. You know I think my godmother had one of those, I seem to remember it was various shades of pink & lilac semi-seethrough perspex with gilt links.
    i'd forgotten all about it until now.