Wednesday, 12 October 2011

New York's Young Design Scene 1967

A fantastic editorial originally published in 1967, introducing upcoming design talent from New York fashion and art students, and also featuring amazing use of infrared photography by Barry Kaplan.
The stars and stripes outfit in the third photograph has been a particular favourite of mine for many years, I had previously seen it used as a design reference in a couple of 1960s fashion source books, however, there was never any credit given to the designer, so I couldn't believe my luck when I purchased this issue of LIFE a few months ago, it's great to be able to finally put a name to its creator. Apparently in reality (without the use of infrared film) the outfit is actually a patriotic red, white and blue! Everyone included in this article had great potential, as a fellow designer, I would like to think that they all went on to have successful careers in fashion, i'd love to see more of their work and know what became of them after it was was published... 

                             WAY-OUT FASHION IN A BIZARRE YOUNG WORLD
Canary lips, chalk-white skin, flaming hair - is this really what's happening, baby? Not quite. The clothes are designed to be worn by young people under 21, but the colours are something else. They are the doing of an inventive photographer, himself equally young, who achieved his bizarre effect by using infrared film. As if seen under the madly shifting lights of a discotheque, red turns to yellow, blacks to red, blues to purple and reality to fantasy. Fledgling fashionmakers some not yet out of school, are responsible for the designs shown here. Produced by their creators on a one-of-a-kind basis, they are sold at a New York boutique called Abracadabra.

                   Skimpy knit dresses $50, designed by Leilani Abreu, worn with Dynel wigs by Tovar.

                     Velvet (the kind that's used for upholstery) makes a formal-style knicker suit ($75)
                                                             designed by Terry Berman.

                                 Star and stripes outfit ($40) designed by art student Karen Sebiri.

                                                 Zippered nylon suit ($90) by Barbara Hodes.

            Short shift of clashing stripes with one bare shoulder, has a diagonally cut-off hemline.
                                                                    by Susanne Les.


                                                Button trimmed dress ($70) by Karen Sebiri.

           Suspendered overall ($70) worn with a ruffle-trimmed satin blouse and antique silver buttons
                                                               by Paula Ayers.

                                    Mini wedding dress of white organdy ($200) by Stan Weaver.

                                                             PHOTO CREDITS
     All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Life Magazine August 1967, photographer Barry Kaplan.



  1. All completely brilliant and droolworthy (and it pains me that I will probably never own any of them...) xx

  2. Wow, such great images!! Something about that infrared... ! Love it.

  3. Amazing, they look so modern!!


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