Friday, 16 September 2011

Big News! Little Prints! Pattie Boyd and Jill Kennington in Vanity Fair (1965)



A wonderful shape this dress. It's close and skimmy, has a high-line frill circled with braid, frill edging for the sleeves. The colours: pink, blue and primrose. By Miss Novell, 7 gns.

Sweet and pretty: a two-piece that looks like a dress, it's a blouson top bound with pink linen at the neck, the hips, and ending with bows at the sleeves. By Susan Barry £5:6s. Narrow gilt bangles by Adrien Mann, from 30s each.

Prettiness plus looks: more black and whiteness, this partnership stressed with white broderie anglaise edging the double frills of the sleeves. Matching headscarf comes with the dress by Highlight Sports 90s:6d. Maguerite bangle by Jewelcraft, 21s.

Efficiency plus looks: tiny clusters of black and white flowers look great set off against snowy white collar and cuffs, the floppy bow at the neck has a pretty, softening effect. By Miss Polly, 6gns. Maguerite ring by Jewelcraft, 10s: 6d. 

Two with a businesslike tag: Left: stiffened white piqué lights up a caramel, orange and yellow flowered dress at the collar and cuffs. The shape. narrow, clingy, shifty. By John Bates at Jean Varon,8½ gns. Right: rave-coloured plum teamed against toffee, makes one of the slickest shirtwaist dresses seen for a long time. It has a self belt, turn up or turn down revers. Sugar Daddy by California 99s:6d. 

Left: a mass of tiny blue flowers are scattered over this shapely dress, their colours accentuated by the deeper blue braiding round the neck and sleeves. In rayon by Simon Massey, 6gns. Ear-rings by Corocraft, 10s:6d.   Right: dark olivey green flowers are massed against a white background on a simple shaped dress. Outlining the front, a double track of contrasting braid, the same for the flared-out sleeves. Sugar Daddy by California, 5 gns.  

All images & original text scanned by Sweet Jane from Vanity Fair February 1965, original text by Vanity Fair, Photographer Peter Rand.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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