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The Miniskirt is here to stay! Time Magazine (1967)

The miniskirt is here to stay! 



Rudi Gernreich's fancies for spring vary dramatic minis with a diaper-like design derived from the Orient, a Siamese-inspired skirt with trousers, or Domino-like sacks which end in billowing bloomers. He also achieves new heights of nudity by using transparent vinyl straps, both in bathing suits and the loose shroud worn by his favourite model Peggy Moffit.


The most visual, persistent and audacious element of the new fashions is the miniskirt. In the three years since it made its first real appearance in small, offbeat boutiques and far-out discotheques, it has surged onto the campuses, into the offices, out on the avenue-anywhere at all that youth defiantly chooses to show its colors. By general agreement, a true mini rises to just mid-thigh. But with dresses growing shorter by the season, whole new categories have had to be advanced. ''Now,'' notes one San Francisco designer, ''there is the micro-mini, the micro-micro, the 'Oh My God' and the 'Hello Officer.' ''

'Soccer Suit' by Paraphernalia's Betsey Johnson $40. Photographer: Ken Regan. 

Geoffrey Beene, expensive, autocratic and much sought after, just now likes the look of a feathery skirt contrasting with a tight, brightly striped bodice $675. Photographer: Ben Martin.   

Metallic Silver Fishnet mini by Paraphernalia $26. Photographer: Ken Regan.

Orange Cross Strap Grecian Bodice style mini by Jacques Tifleau $185. Photographer: Richard Meek.

White organza and lace petal mini evening dress with matching shorts by Oscar De La Renta $475. Photographer: Richard Meek.

Black baby doll dress with white lace bib $275, which manages to be simultaneously demure and provocative, by Bill Blass. Photographer: Richard Meek.

Flapper-like shift derived from the '20s with sequins $1,100 and ostrich-feather skirt with a patent-leather bow $425 both by Geoffrey Beene. Photographer: Ben Martin.


The mini skirt at work, rest and play 1967....


In her working clothes, Producer Pat Layman tinkers with a new TV commercial at a Manhattan ad agency. Among her credits: ''It's a Dirty World'' (Band-Aid). Photographer: Ormond Gigli.

All images & original text  scanned by Sweet Jane from Time Magazine December 1st 1967.


  1. *sighs* wish I had lived back then! Love the joy and colour in these photos (even the b/w ones!!!)!

  2. Me too..everything just looks better, i wouldn't say no to going back via time machine for a couple of hours either, just to do some shopping..i'd start with a trip to Paraphernalia for that silver dress and the soccer suit ; )

  3. Amazing - sooo jealous you have this! xxx

  4. I did live back then and I am so happy to see all this brought back for younger people to enjoy too. Thanks!

  5. Sweet Jane, if you went back in a time machine, you would want to stay a lot more than a few hours.

  6. Yeah,you're so right Linda..i probably wouldn't need a return ticket on that trip ; )


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