Monday, 18 July 2011

Once upon a time there lived a Queen (part 1)

                    Once upon a time, long ago, in the land that contemporary publishing forgot,
                    there lived a beautiful magazine that didn't need to bombard it's loyal subjects with
                    an overload of cover lines and free items in a desperate attempt to entice them inside
                    or to distinguish itself apart from all the other magazines in the kingdom!
                    It didn't need to..because the image on the cover like the name above it, was strong enough
                    to stand alone on it's own merit and also strong enough to stand the test of time.
                    In my opinion there are very few compelling and memorable magazine covers on the
                    shelves these days... certainly not the kind that someone would treasure 45 years from now,
                    unlike the magazine that I am referring to, and that magazine was called.....Queen!

                   I'm lucky enough to own a small collection of Queen mags dating from the mid to late 60s,
                   a little the worse for wear when I acquired them and unfortunately after many years and
                   more house moves than I care to remember..a litle bit more the worse for wear now ! But...
                   still beautiful, even if they are a bit rough around the before they disintegrate any
                   further I finally found the time to scan and preserve them..I'm using the term scan loosely,
                   after much frustration I actually ended up having to photograph them because my scanner
                   wasn't quite large enough to capture the image without losing either half of the Q or half of
                   the N..and on a couple of occasions a bit of both! Anyhow, my inner geek (which I now know
                   resides just below the surface) wasn't happy! and wasn't having any of it. So finally.... after
                   several hours and several cups of tea, here it is...a photographic tale of Queen Magazine in
                   the 60s (part 1).
                                                         Queen Magazine  30th  March 1966                                                    

                                                             Queen Magazine 17th January 1968                                              

                                                         Queen Magazine 11th September 1968                                          

                                                          Queen Magazine 27th March 1968                                            

                                                          Queen Magazine 8th November 1967      

                                                                PHOTO CREDITS
           All images scanned by Sweet Jane from my personal collection of Queen Magazines.


  1. Oh goodness, I love Queen magazine. I have a few later Sixties issues, which I treasure. x

  2. My grandma had two issues from either 1963-64 but I was not quick enough to get them before my sister snagged them and claimed them hers when my grandmother moved out. But I have gotten a number of her woman's own books including a cover with Jean Shrimpton on it.

  3. Very cool, I don't own any but do have a Sixties in Queen book. I do love the bubble perm in the second pic... xx


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