Friday, 22 July 2011

A is for Apple...B is for Biba !

                                            Biba packaging logo designed by Antony Little (1966).

              Stephanie Farrow wearing an outfit from the Biba catalogue, photographer: Hans Feurer.

                             Jo Dingemans photographed in Biba with Hannibal by Barbara Hulanicki.                           
                                            Vicki Wise with Hannibal-Photograph by Hans Feurer.

                                                Madeline Smith-Photograph by Donald Silverstein.      
                                       Ingrid Boulting and child model, Photograph by Sarah Moon.      
                                               Stephanie Farrow-photograph by Hans Feurer 1968.

                               Donna Mitchell and Ingemari Johanson photograph by Helmut Newton.  

                                   Ingrid Boulting and child modelPhotograph by Sarah Moon  (1969).                         

                                                  Stephanie Farrow-Photograph by Hans Feurer.

                                 Donna Mitchell and Ingemari Johanson-photograph by Helmut Newton.

                                                          Photograph by Helmut Newton 1968.                                              

                                                   Model Vicki Wise, photograph by Hans Feurer.

                                              Madeline Smith-Photograph by Donald Silverstein.            

                                                     Model Vicki Wise, photograph by Hans Feurer.


                                                    Stephanie Farrow- Photograph by Hans Feurer 
                                                Madeline Smith-Photograph by Donald Silverstein (1968).

                                                  Jo Dingemans-Photograph by Barbara Hulanicki.         

       It's always good to lose yourself in some Biba eye candy, because no matter how many times
     you have seen it before, I find the effect is always the's like falling in love all over again ♥

                                                              PHOTO CREDITS
All images scanned by Sweet Jane from the following publications  - The Biba Experience by Alwyn W Turner, Boutique A 60s cultural phenomenon by Marnie Fogg, The Young Meteors by Jonathan Aitken, Fashion in the 60s by Barbara Bernard & original Biba Mail Order Catalogue.


  1. Oh Biba how I love thee! I have the deco print suit (trouser version) that's about halfway down the page. xx


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