Friday, 24 June 2011

The Wonderful World of OZ Magazine

The Wonderful World of OZ Magazine

OZ issue No.2 -March 1967.

 Oz issue No.3 - May 1967.

Oz issue No.4 - June 1967.


Oz issue No.7 - October 1967.

 Oz issue No.13  June 1968.

Oz issue No.15 - September 1968.


Oz issue No.19 - March 1969

 Oz issue No.21 - May 1969.


  1. Soooo Fabbbbbb, I haven't got any Oz's - totally jealous : D. x

  2. So beautiful, aren't they? U can find scans of all issues here:

  3. WOW..Thanks a mil for the link Adah..all the issues !!! I've been a fan of OZ Magazine for a long time,great to see them all in the one place,yeah they're absolutely's so rare for them to come up for sale,a few more surfaced on Ebay maybe over a month ago but i was outbid on every single one (lots of interest in them) so thanks again x

    ps love your blog,great tunes too.

  4. thanks :) excited about your blog too!! always lovely to come across someone with great taste. x


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