Tuesday, 21 June 2011

British Grub (1969)



All images scanned by Sweet Jane from British Grub by Brian Murphy, published by Determined Productions Inc. (1969). Illustration and design by Eric Hill and John Astrup. Note: (Although it is printed as 'Astrup' here, I have also seen this artist's name printed as John Astrop in other productions by the same company).


  1. This. is. truly. brilliant. xxx

  2. LOVE this. It reminds me paintins from a primary school textbook from my mom's 70s teaching days that I kept all these years. The illustration style is nearly identical. I'll have to check to see if the illustrators are credited in my book. I'll try to scan it soon and send you photos to see for yourself! x

    1. Yes do..I'd love to see it, I found this book in a Sunday vintage market called The Blackberry Fair sometime in the mid 90's, it's always been a favourite ; )


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