Sunday, 26 June 2011

Afternoon Tea is Served! British Grub - Determined Productions, INC. (1969)




Today's menu features a Devonshire Cream Tea, a classic Sunday Tea and High Tea, so if you can't make it out to Ye Olde Psychedelic Tea Shoppedon't fret, everything that you need to know is right here! courtesy of British Grub by Brian Murphy, designed and illustrated by John Astrop and Eric Hill, published in 1969 by Determined Productions, INC. in 1969.


All images scanned by Sweet Jane from British Grub by Brian Murphy, Design and illustration by John Astrop and Eric Hill, Published in 1969 by Determined Productions, INC. Read A Nice Cup of Tea” by George Orwell, his eleven Golden Rules for Making the Perfect Cup of Tea, originally published January 12th, 1946 in the Evening Standard. View Tea Making Tips, a short 1941 film created by the Empire Tea Bureau, that outlines the golden rules for making tea worthy of its name, a brief but informative film, guiding you through all six golden rules required to make the perfect cup of tea! Yes...six...that's what the man says, there are definitely no tea bags in this joint.  And finally, in the words of Ray Davies I'll take afternoon tea, If you take it with me,  so, with those immortal words in mind, let's hear it for The Kink's (Rapturous applause, closely followed by the distant sound of a kettle starting to boil etc etc.).  

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  1. Fantastic post! That little book is soooo cool, if I wasn't dieting I have a crack at a few of those cakies. : D xx


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